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The PHR: if patients adopt it, will doctors trust it?

One of the most intuitive pieces I’ve read thus far on the evolution of the PHR appeared this week in the New York Times Health Blog. While the benefits of a PHR to the patient seem on the surface to be quite obvious and most of the discussion thus far of services such as Microsoft’s […]

Google vs. Microsoft Healthcare showdown

There is a very good post over on Vince Kuraitis’ eCare Management Blog that is worth a read for those following the development of the PHR market or simply interested in keeping track of whose winning in the Google vs. Microsoft showdown. Vince does a great job comparing and contrasting Google Health (GH) and Microsoft […]

Personal Health Record Definitions

The Personal Health Record is an evolving concept and is certainly not easy to define. Most attempts so far that I have come across either lean toward the jargon laced and/or breezy marketecture or come in at the other end of the spectrum with a highbrow philosophical structure based on Plato’s theory of forms or […]

MiCARD portable PHR

I saw an interesting post over on The Healthcare IT Guy Blog regarding a portable EHR called MiCARD. Basiccly it appears to be a modifed USB drive that looks like a credit card and can display your medical information on a smal LCD screen when activated. Clicking through to the manufacturer’s site I found the […]