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BeWell delivers “patient engagement” software via mobile phones

Can a common mobile phone connect patients managing chronic diseases more cost effectively and to greater clinical benefit to their care givers than any other device or strategy? BeWell Mobile Technology believes so and has developed a solution portfolio of “patient engagement software” that leverages the ubiquity of mobile phones and their associated wireless network […]

iPhone Healthcare application round up!

There are tons of iPhone applications popping up  all over the web and Healthcare is receiving more than it’s fair share of developer attention which is fantastic! Here’s three  company’s whose i offerings are really worth having a look at: Modality With the tag line “Clinical knowledge in your pocket: the titles you trust on […]

Epocrates to be the next killer app for the iPhone?

Digital Healthcare & Productivity has a great interview with Kirk Loevner, chairman and CEO of Epocrates that outlines their iPhone strategy and why it is so important to both the company and the greater healthcare community. I have Epocrates Essentials software installed on my PDA and find it a great way to quickly demonstrate the […]

Mobilizing devices and not germs

The introduction and use of mobile devices at the point of care presents numerous opportunities to increase clinical productivity, improve quality of care and directly impact patient safety among others; however these tools also present a significant new challenge in the control of germs and hospital-acquired infections. Physicians or nurses may contaminate mobile devices such […]

Practice Medicine in the plam of your hand

The best programs for your handheld or The device is only as good as the software? Medical Economics has updated their list of the top ten best programs for your hand held device and added some great commentary on the rise of mobile web apps and the fall of the PDA and the rise of […]