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Microsoft Health Tech Today

Microsoft has launched an online Heatlhcare Technology show: “Health Tech Today with Dr. Bill Crounse is a monthly online series providing cutting-edge stories at the intersection of health and information technology. The show features informative interviews with some of the world’s top health leaders; compelling health-related personal stories; and the latest technology and IT innovations.” […]

HealthVault Solutions Conference 2008 Materials

For those of you unable to attend or just plain curious, Microsoft has posted the HealthVault Solutions Conference presentations here.

HIMSS MS-HUG Tech Forum Presentations Available Online

Presentation delivered at the MS-HUG Tech Forum, Feb. 24, at HIMSS08 in Orlando, are now available on the MS-HUG Web site. Visit the MS-HUG Web site. Choose which presentation you want to view and click the PDF icon at the bottom of each session listing.

The PHR: if patients adopt it, will doctors trust it?

One of the most intuitive pieces I’ve read thus far on the evolution of the PHR appeared this week in the New York Times Health Blog. While the benefits of a PHR to the patient seem on the surface to be quite obvious and most of the discussion thus far of services such as Microsoft’s […]

Google vs. Microsoft Healthcare showdown

There is a very good post over on Vince Kuraitis’ eCare Management Blog that is worth a read for those following the development of the PHR market or simply interested in keeping track of whose winning in the Google vs. Microsoft showdown. Vince does a great job comparing and contrasting Google Health (GH) and Microsoft […]

Mircosoft on the future of Healthcare

Microsoft has been developing a compelling vision pertaining to the future of healthcare and an even more cool concept video. The video features interactive displays integrated into almost every surface imaginable, unified communications that extend beyond the care team to the patient and creative uses of elegantly designed mobile devices that would make even Steve […]

Microsoft launches Amalga Healthcare Systems

Microsoft has launched some new, and rebranded some existing products as the Amalga family of Health Enterprise Systems. This was a big focus at their booth at HIMSS this year where they had a great variety of demos on hand to interact with and introduce the new solutions. The demos I saw looked fantastic and […]