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FDA Regulation of Mobile Health Report Released

The question that comes up in almost any deep and detailed discussion related to the emerging mHealth market is: how does or will medical device regulation apply? Sometimes it surprises people, especially outside of the industry, that this is even a consideration. Is a Doctor’s Blackberry really a “medical device”? The answer is a resounding: […]

Developing Nations Lead the Way in mHealth

In many markets disruptive innovation and technologies that were once the domain of developed countries with extensive University and private research networks have been overtaken and surpassed by developments in emerging markets. If “necessity” is the mother of all invention, then there is no greater necessity than access to quality healthcare in developing nations and […]

New England Journal of Medicine iPhone App

The New England Journal of Medicine has launched an iPhone app and judging by the reviews it’s been very well received thus far. As Dr. Bryan Vartabedian points out on his blog 33 Charts, “the way to a doctor’s heart is through his smartphone” (perhaps doubly so for cardiologists?) and the application’s developers have certainly […]

Apple Files iPhone Heart Rate Patent

Apple has filed a patent that could be the first step in a larger plan to merge mobile and consumer health devices into the iPhone platform. It makes great business sense for Apple. Many people exercise with their iPhone whether it be jogging, walking, cycling or at the gym. With the device already attached to the person, […]

Mobile Health 2010 at Stanford University

Presentations from the Mobile Health 2010 Conference at Stanford University are now available online. The decks are simply fantastic and excellent information resources on their own, however it’s a shame that there appears to be no audio or video for any of the presentations. Perhaps that’s by design as an incentive to attend next year. Attendees […]

You Are What You Eat AND Where You Live

Where you live: It impacts your health as much as diet and genes do, but it’s not part of your medical records. At TEDMED, Bill Davenhall shows how overlooked government geo-data (from local heart-attack rates to toxic dumpsite info) can mesh with mobile GPS apps to keep doctors in the loop. Call it “geo-medicine.” Resources: […]

Mayo Clinic Going Mobile

If you are investigating a mobile health strategy, then a recommended read is mobilehealthnews’ recent interview with Scott Eising, director of product management for Mayo Clinic Internet Services. The interview outlines a number of key challenges involved in moving to the mobile world beyond simply reformating content and digs into clinician and patient requirements, design principles […]