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New England Journal of Medicine iPhone App

The New England Journal of Medicine has launched an iPhone app and judging by the reviews it’s been very well received thus far. As Dr. Bryan Vartabedian points out on his blog 33 Charts, “the way to a doctor’s heart is through his smartphone” (perhaps doubly so for cardiologists?) and the application’s developers have certainly […]

Apple Files iPhone Heart Rate Patent

Apple has filed a patent that could be the first step in a larger plan to merge mobile and consumer health devices into the iPhone platform. It makes great business sense for Apple. Many people exercise with their iPhone whether it be jogging, walking, cycling or at the gym. With the device already attached to the person, […]

Mayo Clinic Going Mobile

If you are investigating a mobile health strategy, then a recommended read is mobilehealthnews’ recent interview with Scott Eising, director of product management for Mayo Clinic Internet Services. The interview outlines a number of key challenges involved in moving to the mobile world beyond simply reformating content and digs into clinician and patient requirements, design principles […]

iPhone Healthcare application round up!

There are tons of iPhone applications popping up  all over the web and Healthcare is receiving more than it’s fair share of developer attention which is fantastic! Here’s three  company’s whose i offerings are really worth having a look at: Modality With the tag line “Clinical knowledge in your pocket: the titles you trust on […]

The argument for evidenced based Healthcare Technology

There are many philosophical, cultural and even language barriers that exist between the medical and information technology worlds and bridging this gap with the ultimate aim of improving healthcare is one of the primary challenges faced by both camps. Case in point, the term “bleeding edge” doubtless means something drastically different to a Chief Information […]

Epocrates to be the next killer app for the iPhone?

Digital Healthcare & Productivity has a great interview with Kirk Loevner, chairman and CEO of Epocrates that outlines their iPhone strategy and why it is so important to both the company and the greater healthcare community. I have Epocrates Essentials software installed on my PDA and find it a great way to quickly demonstrate the […]

Patient safety goes mobile with Epocrates

While researching some ideas regarding mobile device usage at the point of care, I came across some great videos featuring Epocrates. Epocrates is a company that develops clinical information and decision support tools for mobile devices, some of which are even available to medical professionals free of charge. The content provided with these tools is […]