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HealthMap examined and explained

HealthMap seems to be getting more and more press recently including an excellent article co-authored by a co-founder John Brownstein, PhD. If you are unfamiliar with the project or would like more information on it, I would recommend you review the article in the July issue of PLoS Medicine. Basically, HealthMap is a Health 2,0 […]

Health Map Mashup tracks global infectious diseases

There is oodles of innovative and highly creative work taking place worldwide in the form of Mashups, however this concept is only slowly making it’s way into the Healthcare Industry. The idea of a Web 2.0 Mashup is that as more and more primary data sources are made available to the masses, free exchange of […]

Mobilizing devices and not germs

The introduction and use of mobile devices at the point of care presents numerous opportunities to increase clinical productivity, improve quality of care and directly impact patient safety among others; however these tools also present a significant new challenge in the control of germs and hospital-acquired infections. Physicians or nurses may contaminate mobile devices such […]