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The Value of a Health Information Exchange

In Nov 2010 InformationWeek, published a Strategy Report in the development of over 200 Health Information Exchanges(HEI)  in the US. A HEI ensure that all those providing care to a patient have the most up to date and comprehensive information possible in a secure manner. The expected results being: faster decision making for the patient, […]

The PHR: if patients adopt it, will doctors trust it?

One of the most intuitive pieces I’ve read thus far on the evolution of the PHR appeared this week in the New York Times Health Blog. While the benefits of a PHR to the patient seem on the surface to be quite obvious and most of the discussion thus far of services such as Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft launches Amalga Healthcare Systems

Microsoft has launched some new, and rebranded some existing products as the Amalga family of Health Enterprise Systems. This was a big focus at their booth at HIMSS this year where they had a great variety of demos on hand to interact with and introduce the new solutions. The demos I saw looked fantastic and […]