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4 Must Read Healthcare Social Media Articles

What do Doctor’s and Nurses really think about Social Media and it’s potential and place in Healthcare? Here are 4 must read articles that explore the subject from a number of angles, attitudes and perspectives: Social networking impact on patients, doctors, and non-profits Dr. David Nash outlines effective uses of social media and the differences […]

Social Media for Candian Healthcare

Social Media in Health Care, Toronto 2010 View more presentations from John Sharp. John Sharp from the Cleveland Clinic was recently in Toronto to give a presentation on Social Media for Canadian Healthcare at the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network Education Day for Healthcare Communicators . While a good majority of the Social Media strategies […]

See the Healthcare Online World Culture via Health Tweeder

Crunching the data and sorting through the zillions of blogs and websites analyzing and reporting on the world of Healthcare and HIT was difficult enough before the advent of Twitter. Since Twitter, the amount of content has simply exploded beyond anything previously conceived of. For the visual thinkers out there who want to see the […]

HealthMap examined and explained

HealthMap seems to be getting more and more press recently including an excellent article co-authored by a co-founder John Brownstein, PhD. If you are unfamiliar with the project or would like more information on it, I would recommend you review the article in the July issue of PLoS Medicine. Basically, HealthMap is a Health 2,0 […]

Health Map Mashup tracks global infectious diseases

There is oodles of innovative and highly creative work taking place worldwide in the form of Mashups, however this concept is only slowly making it’s way into the Healthcare Industry. The idea of a Web 2.0 Mashup is that as more and more primary data sources are made available to the masses, free exchange of […]

Health World Web builds momentum as a Health 2.0 community platform

A new up-and-comer in the Health 2.0 consumer market is Health World Web. This is fast becoming a crowded space, however this site seems to be gaining momentum with a focus on user created content platforms and reviews of healthcare providers. Users can create their own communities, blog, customize content and provide ratings, reviews and […]

Social media in healthcare whitepaper that’s worth a read

One of the best “introduction to Health 2.0” whitepapers I’ve found on the web is The Wisdom of Patients: Health Care Meets Online Social Media written by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn of THINK-Health for the California Healthcare Foundation. The whitepaper goes through the usual evolution of Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and the effects of this transition […]

Mircosoft on the future of Healthcare

Microsoft has been developing a compelling vision pertaining to the future of healthcare and an even more cool concept video. The video features interactive displays integrated into almost every surface imaginable, unified communications that extend beyond the care team to the patient and creative uses of elegantly designed mobile devices that would make even Steve […]

Body Maps builds an API for the human body!

I came across a fantastic web app today that is basically a Google Maps for the human body. Bodymaps is a startup company out of Los Angeles. They have developed a publicly available, incredibly cool and arguably invaluable learning resource as well as an API to extend their platform to developers who can then create […]

Read Write Web and Healthcare

Read Write Web is one of my favourite sites on the net and a must read among my RSS feeds, so the fact they the good folks over there have recently taken such an great interest in Healthcare is fantastic news for me and no doubt the greater good. The site generally covers the Web […]