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Rock Health defines Big Data in Digital Health

If you are looking for both a great overview of Big Data in Digital Health and an understanding of it’s place in the startup ecosystem, check out this report by Rock Health. Rock Report: Big Data from Rock Health

AGFA brings Hydmedia Electronic Content Management to Canada

Agfa HealthCare has announced that it is launching Hydmedia Electronic Content Management (ECM) system for healthcare organizations, into the Canadian market. Hydmedia is an an HL7 standards based solution that digitally archives healthcare information, including paper-based documents, laboratory data, images and any kind of electronic documents, to provide a single view of the clinical and administrative record. […]

Saskatchewan invests $3.6 million in primary healthcare innovation

The Government of Saskatchewan is investing $3.6 million to fuel innovation in primary healthcare services. Details of the initiate are available here. To assist in this effort, the government has also released an overview guide called the Primary Care Framework Report which is available for download here. The report is a result of extensive public consultation including […]

The Value of a Health Information Exchange

In Nov 2010 InformationWeek, published a Strategy Report in the development of over 200 Health Information Exchanges(HEI)  in the US. A HEI ensure that all those providing care to a patient have the most up to date and comprehensive information possible in a secure manner. The expected results being: faster decision making for the patient, […]

Electronic Health Records and Hospital Quality: Reading beyond the WSJ headlines

In a late December Wall Street Journal article if you only read the headline, you would get the impression that the value of an Electronic Health Record is quite limited,  that the investment in technology in Health Care is not a good use of resources and that this conclusion is supported by noted researchers. BUT […]

Healthcare To Pair Well With Bluetooth 4.0

Often when we think of mobile Health we focus on mobile as in cellular devices however there is a great deal innovation taking place in other areas of this market that will have impact beyond the iPhone. Bluetooth is one of these technologies that is a rather silent but potentially huge game changer. When most […]

GE Launches Centricity Advance EMR SaaS

Leveraging the acquisition of MedPlexus, GE today announced the launch of Centricity Advanced, a SaaS EMR including physician office management with an integrated patient portal. This is an interesting release in that rather than porting an EMR from the client server world, Centricity Advance has been designed and built as a native web application and […]

Study concludes CPOE saves lives

The Wall Street Journal has reported that a study conducted at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford concludes what many in the industry have believed for years; that the implementation of CPOE can have a meaningful and immediate result on patient outcomes. The study found that monthly mortality rates dropped by 20% to .7 […]

Gov 2.0 meets Healthcare

On June 4th, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) officially launched a public sector / private sector collaboration dubbed: The Community Health Data Initiative (CHDI). The initiative will make data sets pertaining to public health open and easily accessible.It is hoped that this will result in innovative, creative and practical uses to […]

US Military Health System declares EHR a Strategic Priority

The US Military Health System has released a new 5 year Strategic Plan that has two main goals: redesigning the MHS IT architecture and delivering a robust Electronic Health Record. Furthermore the plan is focused on enabling collaboration among the armed services, Tricare the services’ health plan organization, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the MHS […]