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An evolution is taking place and the next huge leap forward in the history of healthcare is happening now.

ON Healthcare is an independent online industry journal that provides early intelligence on the ideas, people and technologies poised to change every aspect of healthcare as we know it.

ON Healthcare is focused on the health technology startups and innovation, the Canadian healthcare information technology market as well as key trends in the emerging healthcare technology areas of:


About Kevin Magee

Kevin Magee is a Senior Sales Executive and industry leading purveyor of Healthcare security technologies. He is also an accomplished writer and publisher of the industry journal ON Healthcare, an active community leader, charitable fundraiser, venture philanthropist, patron of the arts and all around good guy.

He lives and works in BrantfordOntarioCanada at the intersection of city life and country living with his wife, son, daughter and pack of wild dogs.

Find out more about Kevin and how to contact him on his personal website Kevin Magee Dot Com.



I am both happily married and employed by Palo Alto Networks and very much wish to remain so on both accounts. Therefore, the content and opinions posted by me on this site are mine alone and do not in anyway represent those of my wife, past, current or future employers. Seriously!

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