Summer health tech startup report reading

If you have any interest in the digital health or health tech startup markets, here are two reports that are required reading:

Rock Health is the Platinum standard of Digital Health Startup cool. They are also data geeks who know how to put together an awesome infographic and slide deck.

Why I like their reports is the crisp clean presentation but more importantly the analysis they provide. This report indicates that while funding is still up, overall funding growth is slowing. Interestingly the focus now seems to be on funding software products with a significant drop in medical devices.

Trends identified include Remote Patient Monitoring and Analytics / Big Data are on the rise. This is not surprising as these markets mature and more and more customers are looking to reduce costs, do more with less, manage and solve problems with data.

The StartUpHealth report isn’t as graphically flashy, however it makes up for this in the amount of data it pacts. If you’re looking to drill into the numbers of individual deals and how they compare to trends then this is a great report to check out.

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