Health Tech Hatches a new crowd-funding model

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The crowd-funding phenomenon continues to cross over into the world of Healthcare technology with this launch this month of Health Tech Hatch. Health Tech Hatch’s online and mobile platform is dedicated to allowing individuals to help entrepreneurs launch early stage startups with seed funding for innovative health and wellness products and companies and claims to take the “friends-and family money” idea and multiply it’s results by leveraging the social web.

Beyond funding, entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to have their project evaluated by panels of medical experts, patients and consumers to provide early feedback and validate their ideas.

The team backing the venture has a wide variety of letters after their names from MDs to MBAs and interestingly 3 out of 5 of them are women. Once again it seems the ladies are leading the way!

The advisory board is equally impressive and diverse in credentials.

While the site is still in Beta, there are plenty of opportunities to check out with projects offering perks much like Kickstarter instead of equity.

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You can find out more about Health Tech Hatch on their websiteblog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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